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Enjoyable Dog Training 


It would be quite rewarding when your dog would sit as well as stay calm before you let him get food, toy or a treat. For your pet, it's a great experience to be able wait up until you give your command. Since that is how your pet wants to connect with you. You're in charge with this space as well as he would obey you if you make the training enjoyable. Make yourself one of the luckiest person who learn about the dog training Mango Dogs.


The sit and stay game would make training your pet to sit as well as stay a rewarding and fun experience to the both of you. Below are the game's rules:


1. Select a reward food and be sure that your pet is hungry as well as ready to have the treat.

2. Choose the word of command. Keep it constant, something like wait, stay, or sit would work well.

3. Choose the marker word that denotes "no reward". Something like oops, too bad or nope.

4. Watch the language of your dog. The way that it says "please" would be to get in the sitting position.

5. Remember to be patient. Your dog would eventually sit to denote "please" to you.


Sit and Stay Bowl Game


If a dog would want a toy, to play, a good or going outside the door, it would look for your command. Thus, here is a wonderful way in training your dog that's rewarding and enjoyable, while also giving it the feeling that you're the leader of the pack. Be more curious about the information that we will give about Mango Dogs.


1. Ask your pet to "sit" when you're holding the bowl of food out of its reach, around 2 ft. away. You could stand sideways while your other shoulder faces him. You could hold that bowl on the other side.


2. Start lowering the bowl down to your floor. As you're lowering it, when your pet moves or even gets up, say "nope" firmly, while moving the bowl away. Then, ask it to sit once again.


3. If your dog keeps the sitting position, begin to lower to bowl on the floor, when he's still in that position. When your dog begins getting up to go to your bowl, you could get the bowl up again. The dog should hold the sitting position while you are bending down and able to place it on your floor.


4. Have an eye contact while the dog in in a sitting position. Well, you'd want it to be in that position as well as make an eye contact with you, before you'll move your bowl to him. To read more to our most important info about dog training click the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_training.


Do this often and your dog would surely learn this game.